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Bea chats about her love of Perthshire's Highland Games

A Real Perthshire Fling!

Hello Everyone!

It has been glorious in Scotland this summer and Perthshire in particular shows no signs of cooling down. For me, there is very little reason ever to leave our wonderful wee country and when the weather is as fantastic as this I know these thoughts are shared by many. 

At this time of year everyone is full of the chat and cheer surrounding our Highland Games. For those of you who have never experienced a Highland Games, these are the events held throughout the year as a way of celebrating Scottish culture and heritage.  They are big, bold, colourful events that I have loved since I very first sat in awe of a man throwing something that resembled a treetrunk across a field! I love the passion and the real, raw Scottish energy that flows from these days; in my opinion, they are one of our finest days out.  

As a little aside, I've heard that many countries outwith Scotland hold Highland Games as a celebration of their links to our country but I'm not sure where - if you know, do drop us a line!

The Highland Games in Perthshire follow the traditional format and with over 14 games throughout the county you're sure to be lucky to catch one when you're visiting. Come with your vocal chords and clapping hands well prepared becasue you're going to need plenty of both! From the skirl of the bagpipes to the swing of hundreds of kilts and all the anticipation and excitement of the heavy events, you will find a day out unlike any other. 

The big thing though are the competitions; piping, drumming and dancing are all on show throughout the day and there is a real sense of pride and achievement for participants in all age groups.  I just love to watch the wee girls dancing - its a real tearjerker!  The talent involved in showcasing all of these Scottish traditions is breathtaking and if its your first time, you will be awestruck at the skills on show.

There's also a wide array of Scottish heavy athletics - so think Caber Toss, hammer throw and the like! And the Tug-O-War is always an imprssive site to behold! All games include entertainment and exhibits related to other aspects of Scottish life. 

If you miss catching one of our Highland Games then do try to make it along Pitlochry's Highland Night, presented by the Vale of Atholl Pipe Band. Held on Mondays from 26 May 2014 – 8 September 2014 this is an evening of traditional entertainment, full of Scottish Music and Dance. These outdoor productions have been performed weekly during the summer months since 1965 and are here to extend the hand of friendship and welcome to our visitors from all over the world. So that'll be you!

For anyone coming to stay mid month, on Monday 11th August 2014, The Robert Macolm Memorial Pipe Band from Canada will join the evening prior to competing alongside the Vale of Atholl Bands at the World Championships in Glasgow on Saturday 16th August. 

Do try to make one of these amazing events, you'll leave with a real flavour of Scotland and a Highland Spring in your step! 

See you very soon,

Bea x

of Home from Home Perthshire