Things to do in Perthshire, Scotland

Perthshire is the very heart of Scotland and has all of the best things Scotland is famous for.

The variety and scale of the natural environment has maxde Perthshire into Soctland's playground for more than a centuary.

The dramatic scenery is not only full of wildlife & `Big Trees` but also thousands of visitors enjoying outdoor pursuits. Perthshire has become Scotland`s greatest playground, attracting hill walkers, mountain bikers and a new breed of adventure seekers who relish the white-knuckle experiences of white water rafting , canoeing & canyoning. For the less adventurous visitor, however, Perthshire, Scotland also has huge appeal: castles, great houses, monuments and picturesque towns & villages- all steeped in history.

There are countless visitor attractions showing everything from whisky distilling to what Highland life was like in the Iron Age. By far Perthshire`s greatest heritage is its natural history- a stunning natural showcase from wild woodlands to the beautifully tended gardens that are ablaze with colour from spring till autumn.