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If you’re visiting Perthshire then cast your eyes North and consider the wonderfully unique town of Pitlochry. Sitting in the north of Perthshire, Pitlochry has long since been regarded as the gateway to The Highlands.  Steeped in history, the town is largely Victorian with beautiful, old, stone homes running along its main street and up into the wider town.  Queen Victoria famously visited Pitlochry in 1842 and placed it firmly on the map. She believed that the air was “cleaner” and she sung its praises as a highlight of her Grand Tour.  This caused the boom in tourism that Pitlochry residents and businesses still enjoy to this day.

It would be difficult to talk about Pitlochry without first shining a light on the breath-taking scenery and rugged Scottish countryside surrounding the pretty, picturesque town centre.    For walking and hill climbing enthusiasts the area is a mecca; Ben Vrackie ascends from the town itself and Schiehallion’s broad eastern flank, one of Scotland's best known landmarks and hills, can be viewed perfectly from Queen’s View.  And that’s just for starters!  Local walking expert, Felicity Martin, has written numerous walking guides for Perthshire with Pitlochry and the surrounding area featuring heavily as a “must-visit” destination. Steam train pulling in to Pitlochry train station

If walking seems a bit tame for you then you won’t be disappointed at the abundance of full-on, adrenalin-charged sports. From mountain biking to white water rafting, bungee jumping to canyoning, Pitlochry serves as the hub for outdoor activities in Highland Perthshire.  And it really is the weird to the wonderful - there is a group of local school girls all adept at Stunt Riding on horses thanks to the widely acclaimed Riders of The Storm just a few miles out the road.  Hidden gems like this are plentiful!

It’s not just hills, mountains and rugged walking. Pitlochry is renowned for its wildlife, flora and fauna – here you will find a shining example of Scotland’s natural majesty.  The River Tummel flows through its heart and is home to one of its most famous landmarks, The Fish Ladder.  Build as part of the original Dam, the ladder was purpose designed to allow the migration of thousands of Atlantic Salmon past the damn wall and up to Loch Faskgally.  It is a magnificent sight with around 5000 salmon passing annually - seeing the salmon leap at Pitlochry should be on everyone’s bucket list!

Visiting Pitlochry is a joy; such is the boom over the tourist months that at its peak in July, guests are said to reach 15,000.  Because of this the town enjoys a lively social scene, fantastic Scottish food offering and cultural activities that at first glance appear to have it punching well above its “wee Scots toon” weight!

Pitlochry Festival Theatre for example, is loved the world over and its stunning productions and inspiring stage sets never disappoint.  Its unique repertoire system tests even the most accomplished actors with each season’s cast learning lines for 6 different plays!  You will find a different play on every night of the week in Pitlochry and for visitors this is one of the highlights of life in the Highlands.

As the nights draw in, the coach tours drop off a little and summer t-shirts are replaced by winter woollies.  It is then that Pitlochry lights up with an award winning event. The Enchanted Forest runs for three weeks and has extended the tourism season right into November giving local residents and businesses another great excuse for some town wide fun! 

Perthshire Amber follows hot on its heels featuring an amazing festival of folk music that was started by the hugely popular Dougie McLean.  (You’ll know his “Caledonia” anthem, loved by Scots across the globe!)    There are lots of concerts, workshops and events over the 10 day period and they are held all over Highland Perthshire… From village halls to castles!

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